Thursday, September 3, 2009

You little thief!

I was busy with some other tasks so I was semi-afk mining, just plinking away at the asteroids, using another corporation member to pickup the mined product and having a pretty relaxed time.

During my mining stint I sent the drones out a few times to rid me of the local rat ships that pound on the hull with their little guns, I was soon surrounded by a dozen wrecks.

I had a few locals warp in and out during my time and this guy looked the same, have a look and leave.

He flew to one of my wrecks and then looted the contents!  On my threat display he was now flashing red, I could legally attack at any time!! 

I laughed and laughed, welcome to two years ago pal, ahh the nostalgia.  Back in the CAS days I saw this quite a bit.

Using one of the faction Minmater Rifters he stole about 5k of loot from destroyed system rats, hardly a fortune.  If he wanted a fight between that and a Hulk he wasn't going to get it from me, I kept mining.

You gave me a highlight that day and for that I thank you.

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