Monday, October 19, 2009

Continuing New Corp Adventures

I've been with this new corp for at least a couple of weeks now.  Things are going slow which is fine for me at the moment as I've not had the available time I would have wished.  They/we have a place in 0.0 for the Alliance which the corp has only been a member of for a little longer than my membership in the corp itself.  So it is a trial basis thing which is understandable.

Something funny has already happened.  The corp sent a message out that new members, of which I am one, are not allowed to go to the 0.0 area until they have passed a test to make sure they will be okay and will not embarrass the corp.  Which is fair enough, especially with the trial situation the corp is in at the moment.  However when this message was posted I was already 15 jumps from high sec in the 0.0 area providing intelligence to the Alliance as a whole via a common channel in the Helios.  So I quietly exited from the 0.0 area and sorted out my high sec stuff.

One thing I'd been worried about was getting access to a level 4 mission agent as the Gallente do not like me very much but the corp is based in  Gallente space.  So once again OMG LABS comes to the rescue, I found a friendly Caldari agent in Scheenins and my high sec carebear ISK stream is now setup if required.

Next goal will be to gain access to 0.0 legally and join some Alliance PVP combat missions.