Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The circus moves again!

So the Alliance went bust, well faded away anyway.  Once some corps started leaving it was the beginning of the end, so we left also.  However this means I had to move my circus of stuff once again, back to where I was. Urrrrgh, but I got it done in the end.  So to try and improve this for the future I've trained up one of the alts to also fly the Orca, that helps me move stuff.

I've been running combat pvp missions with members of the corp in low and zero sec some more with mixed results.  One high point of my participation is the local price of Myrmidons should increase due to my destruction of several of the Gallente Battle Cruisers as pvp losses.

However we are moving forward, getting new members, trying to make a place for ourselves in our new location, make some corps as blue.

In other news since the patch/expansion I'm now able to post this from "in game" using the IGB.  While it does not support Flash at the moment I am finding it much more useful than before.

Fleet Finder is awesome, a really handy addition.  Planets are gorgeous now, they don't add any playability to the game but damn they are nice.

What will be in the next patch/expansion?

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