Thursday, February 18, 2010


So during my break (Ha!) I was thinking about the recent dismemberment of Goonswarm by the head honcho, I tried to find a link but cba'd spending much time on it.  So here is the TL:DR version:  Head guy realised leadership was becoming too much like work, came back from honeymoon after giving it to the new missus to find a financial crisis linked to the new sov system and not enough head people with their hands on the cash.  So he goes "Fuck This!!!", takes the cash, ships, assets etc and boots nearly all of the corps from the Goonswarm alliance and views the chaos from atop his mountain of ISK.  I don't know what the final total will be, hundreds of billions maybe trillions, /me shrugs.

The point I was trying to make before my attempt at being flippant was this, Goonies came into the game to "Stick it to the man", but then they became "The Man", now they may/should go back to being the rabble rousers we know and love/loath.

Having a clear enemy is good for the soul.

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