Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fail FC's and you.

Be aware of who the good Fleet Controllers are, the bad and the ones that just seem to have some sort of tendency to get you killed.

As an example, I'm sitting in a system with half a dozen other alliance members, the call goes out that we have a Domi on gate and under attack, I type in chat that I'm on my way and hit warp.

Arrive at the gate to find both the hunter and the hunted have jumped through into the next system, after a moment or two hesitation I also jump through.

To find a system with a metric fuck ton of reds and nuets, not on the gate thankfully. The two blue guys are still trying to take this Domi down when a trickle of nuets start arriving at the gate, ejecting drones and joining the action.

At this stage I'm still sitting cloaked up after jumping in and sizing up the situation, which looked extra ordinarily bad!

So the only option is to abandon the potential fight and move towards the gate at high speed, no worries on that score and I leave the impending turkey shoot and re-enter my "home" system.

Now the FC enters the picture trying to organise the rather uninterested alliance members to form up, though not forming an actual fleet, enter the system with the previously mentioned "metric fuck ton" of bad guys and somehow attack them, and win.

Now I don't know what is going on in the FC's mind but at a guess I'd say it's about control and glory.  Control over the people in his fleet, though a fleet was not made, and the glory, however slim of winning this fight and others in the future.  In the abstract I realise the new FC has to learn the trade but not with an obviously (well to me anyway) unwinnable fight and not with my ship aka time.

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