Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Tense Boredom

The warp tunnel is about to collapse, the shuddering begins, I begin to make out some features of the stargate, damn a bubble!

In this system we do have some "reds" and "nuets", both are potentially dangerous so this bubble could be a trap, however with the amount of friendlies also in the system I don't think it is as the hammer would come down on them pretty hard.  In this case it is not, next to the gate are an Alliance Deimos and Harby, I assume as gate guards.  As my warp in had put me at zero kilometres from the gate I jump through.

To be told when I was on the other side of the gate, "Watch out for the drag bubble Yos", from an Alliance member.

"Good one dickhead", was my seemingly light hearted reply considering I had to navigate through it to arrive in the system and the subsequent warning.

My purpose here was to meet with an agent I had to work on standings with.  He is aligned to Caldari so my standing with him and his corporation is already okay but to work my way up the ISK chain I have to accept his missions to gain reputation.

We have a chat, he offers a mission which I accept, complete and repeat.  In the system at the same time the Alliance has a mining operation in progress, which explains the bubble and the attempted heavy mob on the other side of the gate.  We chat a bit, keeping an eye on local chat all the time for red or nuets, they call me in once or twice to dispatch some Serpentis battleships that warped in trying to disrupt the mining operation.

Finally with as many missions done as I can do before my brain melts out my ears I head for home and dock up knowing a corporation likes me that little bit more.

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