Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crazy Ivans and Eve is not a PVP game.

Taking a sort of break from the corporation to help out the new and returned, so doing the odd mission.  Every once in a while my ship, currently a Hyperion, while travelling in a straight line does a spin.  The ship keeps moving forward, the transverse of the target doesn't seem to change but the ship does a full three hundred and sixty degree spin.

I think my navigator quite likes The Hunt for Red October.

So Eve as a PVP game?

Quite plainly it is not a PVP game, at least in total.  People have the choice of PVP.  You can live in high security space and be mostly immune to the whims of the PVP crowd, war declarations can be dodged very easily by corporation hopping or just using an alternate character until it goes away.  Obviously corporation hopping is not an action that is recommended and apparently CCP can bring some sort of action against you for doing it but I would say, using a figure pulled from thin air, more than ninety percent of people who do it are never taken to task over it.

So you can choose your PVP, thus Eve is not a PVP game, it is optional PVP with a mostly PVE population according to the figures from CCP and the infrequently heard from Dr. K.

However, and this is where the high security folks should take notice, the PVP game, in low and zero security space, is where the game is!  High security space and PVE content is just the precursor to the tense thrills that can be bought experiencing PVP.

A simple barometer for me is the object identified by Aristotle in the fourth century B.C. as the most important organ in the body, the heart.  The only time it has started beating faster, and I mean really thumping, you know like how hard you pounded your first partners before you became all old and jaded, is during the thrill of real combat.

I'm not talking about PVE missions like Guristas Extravaganza and the like where you follow a procession of pre-determined actions to complete the mission, loot and salvage and wonder what happened to the last hour while yawning and wondering about bed and if tomorrow will be any better.  NO!  This is the excitement of not knowing what intelligent or bone headed decision your enemy is going to make, or how many, what they are flying, and if this ship will survive the night.  My first combat was in a low sec zone, I was salvaging a mission and an Arazu warped in, guy by the name of Shozo (I still have him on my contacts list) warp disrupted/jammed my Catalyst and then destroyed it, my pod escaped.  I could hardly function!  My heart was smashing some new space in my chest cavity and it was almost like a great weight had descended upon me with the sudden realisation of the might that existed in this new virtual world.

Eve is not a PVP game, but if you don't experience and embrace it you are missing the point and the game.

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