Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is this the room for an argument?

[Door creaks open]

"Hello?", dressed in basic clothes the new applicant asks hesitantly.

"Yes yes come in, sit down.  You are?", the interviewer briskly instructs the applicant.

The applicant hands over his data card.

"Okay so now I can see who you are, but why are you here?"

"Is this the office of the Convicted Alliance?"

"Well it's an office of a Corporation in the Alliance, so you want to join up hey?", the interviewer answers flippantly.

"Yes I do, my skills should be an asset to the Alliance as a whole."

"I'll be the judge of that"

The data is sifted through while the applicant sits and looks around the spartan office.  Mostly white with a few office devices here and there, he gets the impression the office could be vacated in about five minutes should the situation demand it.

He coughs and says, "I have my first born child in the hallway also."

Looking up the interviewer tilts his head to one side, "Whatever for?"

"Well for the application of course, as one of the requirements."

"Really? Hold on a sec", the interviewer looks at some information on his Holo screen.

"Where did you say you were from again?"

The applicant answers.

"Okay that explains it, you must have old recruitment information.  I'll bet it's even made using paper."

The applicant sheepishly pulls the paper from a pocket.

The interviewer explains, "The requirement to supply your first born child was done away with many years ago, probably before you were born.  We found the levels of recruitment we needed could not be met due to the vast amount of study and computer time our potential applicants had to undertake.  Thus many never had the time to meet a partner and actually create the first born child."

"Oh.   Well what should I do with him now?  He was born just for this purpose."

"Not sure, down the hall are some offices for the Marines and Exotic Dancers, you make the choice"

The interviewer continues, "So what I'll need for the application is ten thousand ISK and also the usual amount of Kruuls DNA."

The required items are handed over.

"Right the changes have been made, report down to Hanger Bay 13 for your life of excitement and adventure."

"Just one question before I go.  Why does the application need the Kruul DNA?"

"To be honest we don't really know, our best guess is the CEO bathes in it, gives his skin that silky softness he is renowned for."

"Dismissed!", barks the interviewer.

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