Monday, May 3, 2010

Share Holders Report

"Hmmm I wonder what this is", idly fiddling the mail program while waiting for the message to appear.  The mail system has been very slow lately, no idea why.

"Ahh it's a shareholders report from YHI"


Shareholders Report on the recent war with Federal Biohazard Research corporation.

The war was active for a period of 10 days, actual combat took place over a period of 3 days.
Enemy ships destroyed are as follows: Myrmidon, Amarr Shuttle, Retriever, Iteron Mark III, and, a Pod.
Corporation ships destroyed are as follows: None.

Enemy ship fits were poor and pilot alertness was low initially, this improved as the campaign progressed.

The main enemy operations area was Misneden, also where their corporation office is.  After hostilities began some of the enemy scattered to other systems, they were not aggressively pursued as this was not part of the contract.

Towards the end of the war they drafted numerous more experienced pilots which changed the odds.  This triggered the end of the war as per the contract instructions.

The war has now ended, hostilities are now over and corporation assets have moved to the next target corporation.

Medals have been awarded to Rokusaburo Michiba and Crowley Bertrand for combat operations.  A special mention must be made of [name withheld] of the corporation [corporation name withheld] for intelligence services provided during the conflict.


I will have to chat with Roku about this, looks like the contract went well.  I suppose I should pay them the agreed contract fee for a job well done.

~ 1 ISK transferred into the account of YHI ~

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