Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome to Eve!

In a fleet with the new folks, using the alt corp, waiting for a wardec to go live to try and blood the returning and the new.  Sitting outside a worm hole, one of the guys, who has more experience but had a break for about 10 months decides to enter, followed by the rank newbie with only less than one month under his belt.

We tried telling him about the things you should remember about a worm hole, but couldn't cover all areas as you would expect.

Didn't really expect him to fly away from the worm hole exit while in the worm hole but it seems okay, then they use the ships directional scanner and find POS structures.

Probably populated then.

Then I hear over voice chat, "Hey here's somebody, I wonder what he wants?"

Closely followed by, "He's attacking, I'm going to die!"

So he learned lessons about worm holes, zero security space, what happens when you talk with strangers, how well a Rifter with a month old pilot goes against a Prophecy and finally the mechanics of warp jamming, podding and waking up in your clone station.

Today was a very educational day for a new character.

Welcome to Eve!

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