Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Even more downtime!

So I lived through the infamous downtime incident of June 2010, well actually I slept through some of it and worked through most of the rest so I'm probably overplaying it somewhat, but dramatic stuff sells right?

Then about 12 hours after the servers came back they went down again, well at least that is what it looked like from here.  After a bit of snooping around I found the packets were being lost somewhere in London, then google searched my ISP and Eve Online and found some others were complaining about the same thing.

Ahh ha!  So found the culprit, put in a service request with my ISP and at around 6pm that evening I was able to login to Eve again, since this was a Saturday I'd lost most of the day, oh well.

So PI, you may have read my previous post/s about it, to be honest my interest has plummeted quite a bit in the last week or two, not really sure why.

I suspect one of the reasons is the current juggle of my main account and also an alt which is training and spending time with some newbies to try and bring them into the main characters corporation.  So the conclusion of all that is neither account is receiving enough love and I do not really have the time for the PI click fest.

Today they gave us a new ship for PI, the Primae, which is dedicated to PI work and reminds me of a small Orca in function and some people say it looks like Serenity from the TV series Firefly, though I struggle to see the similarity myself.

Nice looking ship, thanks CCP, bloody useless in anything else and the need had been filled from day one by low level haulers like the Iteron I and others, nice looking ship though, maybe I should cover it in plastic?

Finally we received a 100,000 skill point lump sum to be spent on whatever training you wish, as long as it was given to the correct character, I had a 50% success there.  On the one hand it is wonderful that CCP have decided to pay us for the long downtime we recently suffered but on the other hand it will only open a can of worms with people bitching and complaining about the amount of skill points, being paid to the wrong character etc etc.  Of course in the future if we have another unscheduled downtime, or even a long downtime the forums will alight with a depth of morons never before seen screaming for a skill point payment and howling in indignation when it is not paid.

Personally I would have told them it's my way or the highway, but maybe CCP have seen the demos for the upcoming Warhammer 40k MMO?

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