Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shitting Bricks

I was sitting on the couch watching The World Cup and wondering how I could somehow insert a Vuvuzela into one of my blog posts.

So Chile is playing Honduras, with the constant drone of that damned African horn in the background.

Reaching for the iPhone, little did I know of the horror that lay in wait, down in the digital depths of the device.

Check the mail and other things, fire up the Capsuleer app, check the mains, the alts, look at the blog roll.

The usual stuff, have a look at the ones I follow, can't read every post on the list.

Notice that CrazyKinux has a new post.  E3 stuff and a list of new blogs that are being added to the blogroll.

[scrolls down]

Holy Crap! That's me!!

Right at the very bottom is Yosagi Yojimbo!

Yes the in character blog has made the list, I think I swore in disbelief for about fifteen minutes!

So this blog links to that one and it also links here, so some traffic should come this way.

But I can't help thinking I should have called it Aaron A Aardvarks Adventures.


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