Thursday, June 24, 2010


Twenty four hours now with no Eve Online.
A siege mentality has set in.
I have started hoarding food, boarding up the windows and laying fields of fire from at least my window to the side fence.
That dog is looking pretty shifty.
"I've got your number!  I've got all your numbers!!", I yell.
Muttering to myself about all this sunlight, those teenagers, why don't noodles taste the same these days?
Do we really need 57 channels? Is their really nothing on?
Start up Eve again, server status is unknown, again, shut down the game.
Sit here for a minute.
Start up Eve again, server status is still unknown...again, shut down the game.
Check out the web site, it is down.
Have a look at the OMG LABS mirror, it apologises that all posts are older than three hours it seems to say with hunched shoulders, I shut it down.
What to do?
I have other games don't I?
It seems not...that is a bugger.
Could I get another game?  What if while getting said game Eve came back and I didn't notice?  Would it actually be back online if I didn't notice, even though it was?
Which reminds me I must name a ship Schrodinger.

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