Tuesday, July 20, 2010




I have to learn to avoid the forums.  The heavy cloud of depression that descends on me after reading what is 95% garbage is extraordinary!

Especially at the moment after the news that CCP will not be devoting any real resources for about 18 months to fix current issues.  Rather they would prefer to continue developing DUST514 and their FOTM MMO, World of Darkness.

In addition we have now found, long suspected by me however, that the CSM has ZERO power, CCP has already pre-determined the future two years of development and the CSM can make no changes to that.  So this CSM and the next are a total waste of time, all they can do is make noise on the forums, their own blogs and elsewhere until CCP get sick of them and remove them as individuals, as happened recently, or kill the CSM as a whole.

Do it CCP, do it now.  While you’re at it also kill the General Discussion section of the forums and police the forums with this mythical “Ban Hammer” I heard about a very long time ago.  The filth will just move to a non-CCP forum and continue bitching, but that is fine.  The facade of perfection will have been re-created, the virgin will be a virgin again!

Of some interest though is the fact that DUST514 is almost done.  So DUST514 will be entering a console market that is already saturated by FPS games from franchises and companies much bigger than EVE Online and CCP.  Another issue on the horizon is the fact the current consoles that DUST514 is aimed at, the XBOX360 and PS3 are entering their evening time with replacements expected in the next 2-3 years. So what does this mean?  Well potentially the new consoles will not be backwards compatible, it has happened before.  Also the popular peak of a console game is short, all that development time for a peak of a few months, is that time well spent?

Finally we arrive at World of Darkness (WoD), by some quirk of fate it may, I say may, arrive in time for the most recent surge of vampire popularity, namely the Twilight travesty they call a film franchise, so maybe the local crowd of dyed black hair and full length coats will be able to drag themselves from watching the god awful movies for the umpteenth time, reading the even more god awful books time and time again to try WoD.  How many variations on the name of Edward and Jacob do you think will exist before someone ends it all with a strategically placed candle and the application of a four pound hammer?


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