Friday, July 9, 2010

Council of Stellar Management

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is a body of players that are voted for by the players and represent all players with direct meetings with CCP and also correspondence to try and improve the game for us all.

The CSM has no power, they cannot force any decision upon CCP and mostly is a creation by CCP to try and calm the rabid hordes in the forums with the weak claim the CSM is helping you all so just shut up for a while, or something like that.

For disclosure reasons I must say I am not a member of the CSM, most likely never will be and believe it to be a total and complete waste of time.

So CCP have control of the situation in every respect, the CSM is their lackey, their lapdog to do their bidding when and where they see fit?  Well perhaps not.

We have news, ironically delivered by CCP via the News of Eve Service that a CSM member has been "removed", but then goes on to say that it was the only possible solution to protect the integrity of the CSM but as the matter is confidential they will not discuss it further.

So let the forum explosion happen....NOW!

The irony behind the delivery of this message was this, if CCP hadn't delivered the message the person had been removed then I, and probably many others wouldn't have known about it and then start questioning what had happened.  So now we have a situation where the only person speaking about it is the removed one and CCP are staying silent, although I suspect not forever.

So what happened?  Is it because of the description of the meeting or something else?  Does it involve a television thrown from the third story window, some hookers, the tight curve of an upper thigh and some blow?  What if it was caused by the soiling of some hallway etc etc etc.
We don't know, at the time of this writing, so we speculate, and don't think the pit of stinking monkeys that seems to inhabit the chat forums these days are not going to go totally bat shit insane about it.  Though to be fair few of them probably care about the issue but it's another lever to move the trolling crank.

Don't forget that more forums exist for chatting about Eve than the official one, the Scrapyard Challenge one comes to mind, their are probably others.

What could be saving this from becoming a huge issue is the general feeling of apathy towards the CSM, only a few thousand active accounts bothered to vote, out of, supposedly, three hundred thousand accounts.  Surely that confirms the CSM is an inert lump of clay, never to have a scroll of words inserted into its head?

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