Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert!

So the authorities have given us access to most planets for exploitation.

This is a first time, well at least as far as I can recall, that we have been given official access to pillage most planets in high, low and zero sec.

So I studied the proper subjects, jumped in a hauler and picked up the Command Centre of my choice, found a planet and setup my base.

Awesome now the ISK should really roll in, go!

I am still waiting.

I have also had another prospector setup his base very close to mine, potentially robbing me of minerals and therefore I will not stand for it!

Retaliation!  Blow up his base, set fire to his goats, eat his corn etc etc.

(Looks up the CONCORD rules for Planetary Interaction (PI))

Hmm it seems I can do none of that. A war declaration will possibly catch him/them when the materials are picked up, but the base can be remotely controlled so this could be at anytime.  Setting an ambush at that planets customs station for all eternity does not fill me with any joy.

What to do…

I know! I have some spare marines, I will let them loose on his base and leave it in ruin!

Hmmm I no longer seem to have any marines.

(Quick investigation)

Turns out if you leave some marines in close proximity with exotic dancers you end up with janitors, with no marines or dancers to be seen.

Least the hanger is clean now.

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