Monday, July 26, 2010

The Safety of Being out of Range


Woke up this morning feeling terrible, slept longer than usual.  Wiped the sleep from my eyes and shuffled off to do my morning bio’s.

Couldn’t figure out what to have for breakfast, settled on the usual, seemed easier.

I think a fairly heavy depression was sitting on my shoulders, I should take a pill for it I suppose but for now it can stay, sort of like having an old friend over for a while.

So I finally left the corporation.  They were a great bunch of guys but my feeling was their soul had moved on.  The remains are still there in Sto-vo-kor but for me it was over.  I’d hung on for a while to see if the feeling of loneliness and change would evaporate but each day I would wake up and feel the same. I assumed I would feel better once I left, turns out I don’t.

Low and zero sec wars are a war of choice, you can escape to high security space and enjoy the safety of being out of range, something I was about to yearn for.

I joined Yojimbo Heavy Industries (YHI), or re-joined rather as I had been here quite sometime ago.  I have some good friends here, Roku is also here and some others I know but little did I know about the nasty little war that was brewing.

YHI has some other friends (.ARR.) whose corporation was war decced by either a small mercenary corporation or a local pirate group in training.  These friends are not fighters, they are making their way by mining and manufacturing, with the odd mission for the various factions.  So YHI decided to declare war against the, lets call them merc corp, to try and help the friends of YHI.

YHI is outnumbered three to one, but it was assumed that .ARR. would help out and augment our fleet with some combat ships, sadly we were mistaken and at the time of writing they were corp hopping to try and escape the merc corp.

So we fell back on one of the few tactics that are available in a situation like this, hit and run, annoyance and ambush if possible.  For a short period of time we were able to accomplish the task quite well and probably drove them mad either trying to find us or sitting outside our station waiting for our undock when in fact we are at the bar trying all the blue liqueurs.

Once or twice we saw some opportunities but as this is an ongoing operation it would be remiss of me to describe something in detail that may be of some use to the enemy.  However I can say that so far we have lost a Battleship and nothing more which is within budget.  Roku had a Hyperion destroyed due to a successful trap which involved a bait Typhoon on station and a long range warp in of a Megathron, his name didn’t even appear in local until the last second.  Suffice to say we gave him a few “told you so’s” in the de-brief and that tactic is unlikely to work again.

From my point of view the purpose of the war is diminishing, .ARR. have moved on so they no longer need protection so all we are doing now is trying to save face, sometimes you just have to accept a defeat and move on when the odds are too great.

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