Thursday, August 5, 2010

Waste or Waste

To state the obvious, waste is waste.  Waste here or waste there, it’s all still waste.  So with this in mind I was thinking about World of Darkness (WoD), DUST514 and Duke Nukem Forever (DNF).
One of the problems with DNF, apart for that acronym also spelling out Did Not Finish in sports land, are the changes that had to be made to the game as time passed and technology changed.  From memory the game was torn down and reborn at least two times and eventually, as we all know, the weight of its past caused it to implode.
According to CCP DUST514 is almost ready, I would like to see the game released, some calls have been made to put the game on hold, fix bugs with Eve Online and then get back to DUST514.
This will not work as the lesson of DNF shows us, DUST514 would become old, the graphics engine outdated and we are approaching the end of life for the XBOX360 and PS3.
However it should not be rushed either.  CCP are in the unenviable position of juggling three games, one an established hit, if such a term can be used for the niche crowd it has attracted.   WoD which may find appeal with the Twilight crowd and DUST514 which could go either way.
So the waste issue is this, do we waste the development that has already been made on DUST514 and others or just get them done, as they tie in with each other anyway, and move on?
The problem with DUST514, as mentioned previously, is the current and probably future glut of FPS games on gaming consoles (Wii not included as a gaming console as it’s in a different league).  Why should the ADHD, sugar addicted, twitchy FPS gamer look at DUST514?  Surely those people are not suited to the much more sedate, planned, lifestyle of Eve Online so not much crossover will happen there.
Sharing technology is what it’s all about people!  Incarna (Walking in stations) for Eve Online, DUST514 and World of Darkness are all going to share the same graphics engine.
I have a plan.  WoD can be set on the surface of a planet in Eve Online and Eve pilots can access this planet in all its black nail polish glory, so I can stab one of those fuckers with my spoon!
Gives them something to be emo about.

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