Monday, September 27, 2010

I am disappoint

We’ve been trying to recruit for the corp, however the corp name is Yojimbo Heavy Industries which was appropriate a long time ago but we have now changed to more of a PVP/PVE corp, so the name has to go.

Recruiting has been hard, it would seem that whatever we say or post the potentials cannot get past the corp name so we are trying to get it changed.

Turns out this cannot be done, you have to create a new corp, move everybody and everything to the new corp and then move forward.  So the new corp has put an application into the alliance and we are waiting for the acceptance so we can start the moving process.

The new corp name is Walking Ghost Phase, wikipedia it if you don’t know what it means.  Essentially it’s a name that doesn’t pigeon hole us, so we’ll see how it goes.

Both Sanjuro and I are in the top ten killers list for the whole alliance, that’s quite an achievement for our little corp considering the size of the alliance which is now at approx 250 members.

So last night the alliance was forming up for two operations, both using cloaked T2 ships like stealth bombers, I can fly those ships so was hoping to come along but wanted to bring some of the corp mates also, but I was waiting for them to login.  Finally one did but only to say he was updating the skill training and then logging for the night.  Ahh well missed the alliance ops and also no corp for the night….what to do?

My jump clone timer had expired so I could jump again, I’ll go rescue one of my distant and almost forgotten about jump clones. I have two of them about 40+ jumps away, picked one and jumped into the body, about 10 nuets in local, probably not friendly, immediate undock and leave the system for home.

The journey was uneventful, saw some people in most systems and a couple of bubbles in the second to last and the last zero sec system before the transition to low sec.  One I could avoid by warping away to a planet and warping back at a different angle.  The second I couldn’t avoid so slow boated from the bubble to the gate with my trigger finger hovering over the warp away as one nuet was in system, but nothing happened.

Entered low sec, then high sec and home.

With luck the second jump clone rescue will be as good.

Sunday, September 12, 2010



Alliances are useful.

Alliances are annoying.

Blues can be handy.

Blues can be frustrating.

So I joined the corporation to the Alliance.  The aim is to expand the horizons of the corporation members and gain some more opportunities for the corporation.  Also the Alliance will then gain the help of our labour which should help it move forward.

What we also joined were “blues”, those who have good or excellent standings with the Alliance and therefore are friendly, or at least are supposed to be.

One of the corpies has now been involved in two friendly fire “blue on blue” incidents in the past three days, the first one he escaped in hull and the most recent his ship was destroyed.  Granted the second one was just a junk frigate meant as a cheap transport but that is not the point.

Alliance and “blue” members should have their overviews configured correctly to stop this waste and confusion.

As an example my overview, at least the one setup for PVP, does not show people in my fleet, corporation or alliance members.

The potential problem this could bring is twofold. You may not know which “blue” is targetting and/or shooting at you unless you look at them directly on your screen and two if you wish to respond to their attack with your own.

This has not been a problem as yet.  I must say I only use this in large fleets as small ones do not seem to present these sorts of issues.

I suspect the issue is also with a bugged overview from time to time, a double tap on the TAB key can help reset it but thinking of that in the heat of battle is unlikely. Just shoot what appears to be the reds right?

So to save drama with blues, setup your overview, and CCP, fix that bug.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


When I’m in a ship my pod feels like a womb, a warm nourishing embrace.
Once the pod is ejected from my ship due to its destruction it feels like a coffin.
So we are trying to hone our combat skills for the upcoming joint operations with our new alliance.
To just talk about that in passing for the moment. We have joined the Alliance I was with when in Sto-vo-kor.  This should bring benefits to the corporation and with luck we can contribute to the alliance.
So anyway we had setup a gate camp for worthy targets, however most ships seemed to be Buzzards, we were just about to call it and head back to the bar in Olo when a Scorpion hit the gate and Roku, the scout on the other side of the gate, let us know.  Combat had arrived.
The scorpion finally uncloaked and we destroyed him very fast…however…and we have pieced together this information after the fact… he was being chased and ran out of luck when he hit our gate.  Soon afterwards so did we.
He was being pursued by a larger group, quite a mix of ships including a Strategic Cruiser, Battleship and others.  They engaged us, we were scattered due to the Scorpion kill and they cleaned us up. Sanjuro managed to warp away, but my ship and one other was destroyed, we both warped our pods away.
Later on during the debrief we gathered the fragments of information together to conclude the Scorpion pilot was going to be destroyed by us or them, that much was clear.  However their fleet was better than ours, and more organised at that stage so we lost, it was unlikely we would have won.
We live and learn to fight another day.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2 vs DUST514

So lately I’ve been playing the latest franchise from EA, Bad Company 2.  Long ago I played BF 1942 and then the mods of which the best was Desert Combat (as opposed to Dessert Combat which happens when the cart arrives after the main course).

So the combat is quick and sharp, short and nasty little fire fights and normally the death and short wait to respawn either back at base or next to a comrade wearing a natty little red beret that would be right at place on a Paris catwalk.

I digress.

Given the appropriate change to an Eve Online type environment this is what DUST514 should be like, the video I saw a while ago now seemed to confirm it may end up being something like that but some more information if required.

So in the meantime I’ll help win our battles and look skywards as when the night falls the starships will appear.