Sunday, September 12, 2010



Alliances are useful.

Alliances are annoying.

Blues can be handy.

Blues can be frustrating.

So I joined the corporation to the Alliance.  The aim is to expand the horizons of the corporation members and gain some more opportunities for the corporation.  Also the Alliance will then gain the help of our labour which should help it move forward.

What we also joined were “blues”, those who have good or excellent standings with the Alliance and therefore are friendly, or at least are supposed to be.

One of the corpies has now been involved in two friendly fire “blue on blue” incidents in the past three days, the first one he escaped in hull and the most recent his ship was destroyed.  Granted the second one was just a junk frigate meant as a cheap transport but that is not the point.

Alliance and “blue” members should have their overviews configured correctly to stop this waste and confusion.

As an example my overview, at least the one setup for PVP, does not show people in my fleet, corporation or alliance members.

The potential problem this could bring is twofold. You may not know which “blue” is targetting and/or shooting at you unless you look at them directly on your screen and two if you wish to respond to their attack with your own.

This has not been a problem as yet.  I must say I only use this in large fleets as small ones do not seem to present these sorts of issues.

I suspect the issue is also with a bugged overview from time to time, a double tap on the TAB key can help reset it but thinking of that in the heat of battle is unlikely. Just shoot what appears to be the reds right?

So to save drama with blues, setup your overview, and CCP, fix that bug.

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