Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2 vs DUST514

So lately I’ve been playing the latest franchise from EA, Bad Company 2.  Long ago I played BF 1942 and then the mods of which the best was Desert Combat (as opposed to Dessert Combat which happens when the cart arrives after the main course).

So the combat is quick and sharp, short and nasty little fire fights and normally the death and short wait to respawn either back at base or next to a comrade wearing a natty little red beret that would be right at place on a Paris catwalk.

I digress.

Given the appropriate change to an Eve Online type environment this is what DUST514 should be like, the video I saw a while ago now seemed to confirm it may end up being something like that but some more information if required.

So in the meantime I’ll help win our battles and look skywards as when the night falls the starships will appear.

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