Monday, October 18, 2010

National Unity

I have always found the call for “National Unity” from the leaders of the day to be interesting, mostly as it forecasts the coming of some dark days.  Who knows, things COULD get better!

Alas it seems the “optional” patches have abated for the moment so lets outline some of the positives in the Eve Online pipeline.

Eve shortcuts revamped shows us we will soon be able to use almost any key combination for function remapping, and also the other buttons on the mouse.  This is the one I’m particularly excited about as my Logitech Mx510 (awesome mouse) has some more buttons I can utilise.  I’m guessing one will be for an automatic double click to help with the PI clickfest, and then probably some combat functions.

Next we have PI Revamp and the Future which with luck will give us an improved PI experience come the expansion.

CCP have announced an upgrade of the game graphics which will obsolete some very old graphics cards.  Not a real issue to most people but could be worth a look.

Finally for now we have the just finished competition for a new ship design, the winner has not been announced yet, and the appearance of the new ship is unknown but follow the link to check out some of the fascinating entries.  A couple of examples below:



Some of the designs on the site are probably not technically possible and balancing issues will always cause problems, otherwise we end up with another useless hanger queen ship (*cough Zephyr *cough) but I would love to see four new designs introduced to the game.

That’s it, fly safe and kill reds.

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