Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Day Another Theft

So linked here are the details for the latest in game theft.  This sort of thing has happened plenty of times in the past and will again in the future so the names are unimportant, but the figures are.

Approx 110 Billion ISK was taken in liquid ISK and assets, the assets then sold back to the original owners as  "they were interested in reacquiring the stolen assets to save the time and considerable effort involved in sourcing them anew".

Doesn't that sound fishy?

Anyway the figures, lets round them off at 110 Billion or 110,000,000,000 ISK.

From the Eve Online store, ignoring the shipping costs a 60 day time card costs $34.99 in US dollars.

So the in game 30 day PLEX costs $17.50 (rounded) in US dollars, and approx 372 million in game currency (ISK).

So the stolen ISK would buy you 295 (rounded) of in game PLEX worth approx $5162.50 in real US dollars.

Eve is a harsh mistress.

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