Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lost Count

So my original estimate of the “optional” patch count was seven.  I think we have surpassed that now, well at least I think we have as I have totally lost count.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter but it does seem that CCP has changed the patching process with much more of it being client side rather than server side.

Is this a good thing?  Well from my point of view it is as my Linux computers can now patch without having to manually download the patch file and apply via Wine.

However I have an unsettled feeling that all the clients out there are becoming fragmented as they have a mix of these “optional” patches.

Perhaps with the upcoming expansion/patch this will be brought back together?  Who knows!

My LP store still isn’t working, the text displays if you hover the mouse curser over where the text should be, but the text does not display.  It’s not a game breaker but annoying as now that the LP store doesn’t work I want to use it.

Human nature FTW!

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