Thursday, December 2, 2010

Incursion Expansion Part One Thoughts

I've been able to play with the expansion for a couple of days now and a couple of things have caught my eye.

The Noctis, some folks already have one and are epeening outside stations or sitting on gates showing all and sundry their new ship.

However the Noctis started in Jita at 160 million ISK and then dropped to about 55 million ISK today, my estimate is it should settle at about 35 million ISK eventually.  So for the early adopters that epeen cost them at least 120 million they could have saved.

While the Noctis will be a solid savaging ship I don't think the humble Catalyst destroyer will be without use as it's a cheap salvaging ship and those starting out would be well advised to use it until their wallet can withstand the Noctis outlay.


Warping is smooth, really smooth, smooth with lots of oh's as in oh my god is it smooth. As smooth as teflon, as smooth as your first girlfriend.

That smooth!

This creates a problem, well at least for me, as when I approached a gate and left warp it would shudder and that would be my cue to engage jump on the gate and continue the journey.  That shudder was useful to break me from the trance on long journeys.  Now when you leave warp the ship just glides from warp to normal space with an elegance that I did not realise was missing.

The change of the microwarpdrive icon is awesome!  Such a small change but it really helps with identifying between those and the afterburner modules.

Finally once again I have to say how nice the game looks with native Anti Aliasing, I have just spent some time flying around looking at things again.

So this expansion is a small one but with a surprising amount of quality, looking forward to expansion part 2 in two weeks.

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