Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Incursion Expansion

So the expansion has arrived, well the patch has as to call this an expansion would be very, very generous.  In CCP's defense this is only the first of the multiple roll out for the Incursion expansion so we will not see the complete picture until about February 2011.

To read about the total changes have a look here but I'll go through a few items that interested me.

The Noctis, a dedicated salvage ship.  At the very least this will replace my salvage Hurricane, mostly so I don't have to visually search all the combat Hurricanes to find the salvage one.  It will be a solid salvage ship but it also doesn't really add anything to the game, just replaces what was being used previously.

The war against lag continues, one of the changes here are to drones, it appears they will hurt the servers less in the future.  Other changes under the Need For Speed heading should help also.

Rockets have been fixed, assuming they were ever broken.  With luck this will make the forums whiners happy for a while.

Some graphics changes are pretty good, they now make it easier to run a dual monitor setup and Anti Aliasing now works from in game and we no longer need some external voodoo magic setup.

A new icon for the microwarpdrives is very good, makes them easy to pick in the list of items.

That is about it for me.  Is this an expansion?  No certainly not but when the end of January arrives and all the patches/expansion parts have been rolled out we can look back and judge Incursion on its merits.

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