Friday, December 17, 2010

Meta Gaming and Possibly You!

Eve Online gaming also occurs outside the game.  Recently in the Northern Coalition (NC) against Pandemic Legion (PL) war their have been accusations of "Meta Gaming".

According to comments on both sides are accusing the other of hacking their web sites, kill boards and attacking the Team Speak chat servers with DDOS attacks to try and disrupt communications and reduce the alliance fleet effectiveness.

As this is Eve Online it would be supported in game but outside of the game, in the real world, this is probably an illegal act that could in theory get people into serious trouble.

Will this actually happen?  Probably not as the targets are not classed as important in the scheme of things.

However should somebody from the NC or PL decide to place a complaint with the RL authorities what would happen and how much would it rock the Eve universe?

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