Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rogue Convicts Step Up!

Some notes I made while preparing for and in combat with elements of the NC recently.

Connected after DT.
Many C0nvicted online.
Op already running.
Busy comms but no panic, calm, business like.
Undocked in BC to hear it was BS fleet, reshipped.
News from RAGE comms that C0nvicted have gone rogue.
Engaged fleet on YN3 gate in LR.
They ran to YN3 where a Solar fleet was waiting.
No battle between Solar and RAGE seemed to occur.
Docked up again to re-ammo and re-drone, undocked.
Fleet being re-organised for second skirmish.
Approx 100 ships on both sides destroyed so far.
Some pilots asking basic questions like how to move in fleet.
Lone enemy Prophecy warped to station, it died.
Sitting in safe spot - nobody to move - some still do.
TZL and 4KON now has no DH sov.
Article on front page of Evenews24.com
Shot some POS modules.
60+ fleet of reds in YN3.
Emergency warp back to YN3 to engage.
Enemy fleet composition unknown at the moment.
Various chatter while waiting.
New Friends! Support on the way!
Combat and cyno, enemy numbers rising.
Multiple red bubbles.
Frantic combat, warp in, move, move, move, pulse MWD one, two, three times, multiple bubbles landing amongst us.  Still MWD'ing, some ships being webbed and trapped.  I'm sure my cap is being drained.  Endless bubbles being dropped on us.  Finally escape the bubbles and the bulk of the fleet escapes to a safe.
Still alive and flying.
Smaller fleet aligning to gate again.
Engaged near YN3 gate in LR, some reds warp to us, we warp away.
We are destroying some ships but the numbers are against us now.
They catch a straggler or two.
Warp in again - too far out - warp away.
Finding a better spot.
Outnumbered 3 to 1.
Sitting in safe while figuring out next move.
Standing down - victory claimed.
Guerrilla tactics until our next main TZ.

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