Sunday, January 23, 2011

Even More Portraits!

Most likely the last lot of random portraits, unless I find some more worth displaying.  I'll probably show all of mine once I'm happy with them.  However in order of appearance we have Dagnabits, Elena Severina and Sexyhoe.

Dagnabits has some great use of the ageing features, skin, hair etc.  Elena is mostly about the boobs, though her face doesn't look dead, unlike one of my two girls at the moment.  Funnily enough the fear was most people would great girls with massive breasts but this has not been the case, though from my experiments (hur, hur) I think CCP have toned down the potential size of the Bulgarian fun bags also.

Finally we have Sexyhoe who is showcasing a fairly well made female character.

While these images don't show this their seems to be an over abundance of red headed portraits, or wrangers if you will.  Mostly on the female side, perhaps it is a reaction to the available colours that many people have gone in that direction?

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