Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Incursion Part 3/Incarna Soon! (tm)

In a bit less than two weeks we should have the third and final part of the Incursion expansion.

What we should see is the Sansha invasion and the first part of Incarna, the new character creator.

Here is a sample image that somebody has made showcasing their attempts.

While not all the effects are currently available and I'm not sure of which test server iteration this is from you can see the results are striking.  They are certainly an improvement on what we can currently achieve.

Which leads me to this question.  Will I just re-create my main and alts or go for a different look?

The new creator will force some sort of different look as the engine used has more options, but should we try and duplicate our existing faces or create something new?

We can clone new bodies for our minds to be downloaded into upon our physical destruction, so why not a change to the cloning algorithm and hey presto a new face, slimmer hips and those perky breasts you've always wanted?

I can easily see this being a micro payment option at select stations for body or clone adjustment services, in fact it would be easier if it was just the clone, so when your body dies in the new body you go.

Sure it will cost you some form of ISK payment for the re programming and further ISK to upgrade your clone SP level.

Perky breasts!

Although the reality will be the stay at home loners, you know who you are, are going to create female avatars with fun bags so big you can stamp Goodyear on the side and we'll have to expand station volume by 70%.

CCP you know not the weapons you wield!!!

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