Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Portrait Winner!

Here he is folks the winner of the portrait competition that makes you laugh every time you see him, it's Rooli Pelaaja!

Even the passers by who saw this image on my screen laughed, huge win right there!


  1. heh...
    "5`th Element" flashed in my mind :]

    patching process in progress... eh...

  2. The variety of created portraits from a fairly limited pool of options is really interesting. The clothes are limited at the moment but I think they are just place holders essentially until Incarna lands.

    5th Element? That is in my top ten movie list but I'm not seeing the connection. Maybe I should watch it again and keep an eye out for Rooli.

  3. o yes, and i have found perfect example :)

  4. Lol I totally did not make the connection until reminded by the youtube clip, a new post about it tomorrow.
    Thanks for the heads up.