Friday, January 28, 2011

The portrait bandwagon continues!

Should you wish to compare your old portrait to the new and improved one I suggest you go here:

Eveolution (dead link - 29-03-2013)

This will give you four different size images of your new portrait and one of your old should you feel nostalgic.

I do wonder, given how good the new portraits look, if any folks are wishing for the old ones?

Here is a comparison of the old and new portraits of a random name pulled out of the air, Match L.

Stamp Goodyear on those bad girls!  She'd better hope that a brassiere in the Eve Online universe has some sort of anti gravity support device otherwise OUCH!


  1. She should sue her surgeon, they are not supposed to look like that!

  2. Ha ha yeah! I get the impression that from a front on image they could be both heading off in their own direction. Which leads me to the next thought, come Incarna how much "jiggle" have CCP programmed into those almost traffic cones?