Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blast from the Past

This post is from the Eve Online forums, all the way back in 2003.

Quote "Battleships are so phenomenally expensive to buy, fly, and equip properly that even very rich corps can't afford to lose more than a couple, and I think they would be used very sparingly indeed in the event of war. Small corps who own one, two, or three of the beasts would be even more reluctant to actually use them in a serious shooting war with a similarly equipped enemy. They're prolly good for bullying those who don't possess them, but not for fighting someone who can fight back on equal terms. Unless you're willing to accept the potential loss of a 100000000+ isk asset..."

Now compare with:

6VDT-H Lockdown: 58Bil Destroyed, huge cache of Sys-K assets trapped, Drama ensured.
* Link is NSFW

Sometimes you have to stop and remember what it was like when you started, assuming you're an old timer.  I started in 2007 so a few years are under my belt now.

This game has changed so much, generally for the better.  We know about Incarna (Walking in Stations) and DUST514, I find myself wondering what is coming after those.  

Any thoughts?

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