Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Four of CCP Disabled Account - Working!

On the fourth day the account was enabled, some switch was flicked and I can once again login.


Obviously the account should have never been disabled in the first place, but then having to wait four days is not good enough.

Apart from an apology for the delay I've received no information as to the nature of the problem.

Businesses are about customer relations, often you can hide a sub standard product or service with good customer service, at least for a while.

While my account is now working I'm not happy, CCP's response time and information transfer between them and the customer needs to improve, at the very least for critical items like major account issues.

I don't like bitching about a problem without suggesting an improvement so one way to help the communication issue is a queue notifier.  An automatic email from CCP that is sent daily which reports on my petition in the queue would help avoid the creeping feeling of abandonment that can happen while waiting (at the time) an unknown amount of days until the issue is resolved.

My Two Cents.

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