Saturday, February 12, 2011

Disabled, Shipping and Blog Recognised

I've had some discussions with CCP recently, the result is the addition to the CCP fansite page of this blog, right down the very bottom of the page since it's organised alphabetically.

I'm quite happy about that, although a nagging thought suggests I should have named the blog Aarons Aardvark Adventures but that's far too late now.

Unfortunately with this change they have somehow buggered up my account and I cannot login, it says the account is disabled even though the better part of a year remains of subscription time.

With luck they'll fix the issue soon or this blog could become rather vague as the months pass by with no game time to report on.

So we move onto the Eve Online store, especially the freight charges.

I like the products in the online store, a good variety and some day I would like to buy something.  However as I'll explain this will not be happening in the short term.

I was looking at a mug, in particular the one known as EVE Mug: Safe Return which sells for $19.99 US dollars, an image is below:

The mug starts black and as heat is added the image is revealed, awesome!

What I am not prepared to do is buy a $101.50 US mug as the shipping (to Australia) is a $81.51 part of the transaction which is insane!

Which is a shame as the store has heaps of cool stuff which I cannot justify due almost entirely to the freight charges.

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