Monday, February 21, 2011

Get a Room Already!

Posted here is a dev blog about  the Captain's Quarters which is also the first part of the Incarna expansion.  In the dev blog, which I suggest you read, is some information on the quarters.

What concerns me, well several things concern me about this.  Firstly the time for complete roll out of Incarna seems to be several years, after a supposed five years of development.  This is far too long.  With luck at the Fanfest in a few weeks some happier information will be released, I really hope so.

Secondly the image they have for the "Captain's Quarters" and what I had imagined are totally different.  I'm not sure how they can justify these large and spacious areas on a station which has a finite amount of space.  Not to mention what happens if I enter another station.

If I'm enjoying the big screen monitor in my quarters do I have 49,999 others only populated by cleaning robots and the occasional invasion of Tribbles?

My vision was of a smaller space, only at a station that you had bought those quarters in, and each station has a finite amount of them and priced to suit, much like corporate offices are now.  The ceiling was lower, think more like a ships cabin than what appears to be a small converted hanger.

One of the advantages of Incarna when all the parts are finally delivered in 2016* will be the draw it should have on a different gaming crowd, namely the Sims and Second Life folks amongst others, if anything they'll bring life to the station environment in the common areas, assuming we get those (probably announced in 2014*)

Fanfest should be very interesting.

* these dates are taken from my pessimism drawer and are not a guide, also don't operate heavy machinery after reading this post.

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