Monday, February 7, 2011

Goonies Kick a Goal!

So as part of the Deklein Coalition Goonies, TEST and others have successfully camped 6VDT, destroying the structures they needed to and have taken the station.  With high "blue" numbers in the system at all times the previous tenants, IT, had no chance and it seems they knew this as no serious attack on the system was attempted at any stage.

Now as part of this coalition I was able to witness this activity over a period of a few days while I was camping various places in the 6VDT system.

Have you ever seen little kids play soccer?

They run around in a pack to try and force the ball towards a goal, usually the ball arrives there eventually.

Goonies are quite like that, but throw in some ADHD for good measure.

Their leadership gives them things to do while camping in system all the time, or their short attention span may make them be diverted by a shiny thing.  Should an enemy ship appear it dies fast as the locals are revved up and looking for a fight all the time.

I'm not sure if the leadership does this on purpose or it's an attempt at trying to herd cats but it works!

They are a power bloc to be reckoned with.  I assume the campaign will continue in the fight against IT, unless IT implodes first.  They will always need a target.  With luck you will not be that target.

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