Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pandemic Legion Heist

Generic Clown Bank Robber Image
Reported elsewhere (comments in link potentially NSFW ) Pandemic Legion had an estimated 200 Billion ISK stolen recently, view the link for more details.

What I'm interested in is the real world cost of this theft, get ready for some math!

From the Eve Online web store a 60 day time card is $35 (rounded) in US dollars.

Of interest the Australian dollar is now worth 1.0141 US dollars!  (/me flex)

In game a 30 day PLEX is worth 331.5M ISK, and a mythical (these days) 30 day time card would be worth $17.50.

The heist was apparently 200 Billion ISK so...

331.5M ISK goes into 200B ISK 603.32 (rounded) times, multiply that by the mythical 30 day time card value of $17.50 and we arrive at the real world theft value of $10558.10* in US dollars.

Who says internet space ships isn't serious business?!?

*final figure is rounded and close enough for the purposes of this blog


  1. Hmm, I wonder if this is linked to a screen shot I saw earlier today of a PL member transferring 190 billion isk. Coincidence?


  2. Could be? Rumours are PL are trying to buy back their stuff for more ISK as that is easier than re-building it all. I'm sure some folks have that sort of ISK "normally" so it could be a legitimate transaction. At the end of the day I find it all interesting.

  3. lets gather 1 huge fleet and kill them all! ;)

  4. You'll need one also as PL have approx 1500 members, plus the ones they are blue to. I don't know about you but I don't have more than 1500 friends! :-)