Friday, February 4, 2011

The Sunday Chip Fiasco

As mentioned here (Do You Want To Know More) I use a Linux machine to operate Eve Online about half the time.  Now thankfully the latest round of expansion parts for Incarna has not broken the functionality of this.  Nor has Ubuntu or Wine.

This machine was becoming noisy and as it's now the middle of my summer I figured this was a heat related issue so pulled the covers, removed the CPU fan, cleaned dust etc etc.

Still the issue remained, I then started poking around the operating system itself to find all four cores of the CPU running at 100% all the time.  So this explains the noise, the fan is spinning at maximum revolutions to try and dump the heat from the CPU and also my quite warm days.

Why was the CPU running at 100% all the time.  Years ago I performed data crunching jobs for SETI At Home and a few months ago I set this back up using the current program which is called BOINC.  Now BOINC can be used for SETI At Home, Gene Folding, figuring out why Mickey Mouse is still popular, stuff like that.

This version for Ubuntu does not have a graphical display that shows all the time like the old Windows one so I forgot about it.  Removed BOINC and I now have a much quieter and cooler Linux machine.

The reason why this is important and worth posting about?

In the near future I wish to add audio to this blog, essentially this will be me recording the text you see here.  I also intend to visit older posts and also add an audio track to those.  So watch out for the Audio label soon.


  1. You are in middle of summer now ???
    Where are u living??

  2. Australia, so I'm getting 35c or 95f most days.

  3. nice. i have -10 Centigrade outside...