Friday, March 11, 2011


On a perfect weeknight I'm able to exist in the Eve Online universe for 4.5 hours.  Last night we had an early and extended downtime (DT) which inserted a 3 hour dead zone into my Eve time.

Tonight the downtime is once again extended, this time by only half an hour, but once again we are shafted, but it used to be worse.

Pro tip, if you're looking for an image for your blog post, and the heading is (was) "shafted", and SafeSearch is off, consider changing the heading name before you search.

Back in the day, way back in the heady days of 2007 the official downtime was an hour, though it was often longer.  Over time the actual downtime was usually shorter than an hour and eventually CCP changed the official downtime to be half an hour.

This is progress and is a good thing.

CCP (I keep on writing CCCP) have also said they wish to eliminate downtime completely.

That's cool, I also wish to live in a five star hotel while eating lobster and directing an ever revolving cast of super models while they perform various Gilbert and Sullivan plays in the nude.

I digress.

Downtime is always going to inconvenience someone, the sad fact is I suspect my (DT) timezone has the dubious honour of low percentage playing numbers and synchronising with business hours for CCP's server maintenance.

I just wish it wasn't so.

Downtime (March 11. 2011) by Yosagi Yojimbo

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  1. As this message was queued for a couple of days we had another unexpected downtime lastnight (10/03/11), another hour lost. /me sighs