Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So, What's the Velocity of a Sheep in a Vacuum?

In the Eve Online version of space we need constant thrust to maintain a velocity otherwise we coast to a stop in a short amount of time.

Gravity does not seem to have an effect as I can approach any celestial body at any distance and I don't have to worry about falling into the gravity well.

In New Eden millions of objects, missiles, hybrid charges, projectiles etc etc have been fired from the ships of the residents.

Where does this all go?  Not in a database sense but I suppose in a role playing sense.

I assume they just coast to a halt some distance from the source ship and then just sits there.

Should these objects just continue forever, and every once in a while somebody is hit by some random projectile which on the combat log comes from "somewhere"?

/me shrugs

* The practical maximum velocity of a sheep in non Eve Online space is 2997.5 km/sec. (link)

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