Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Agents are changing

Other things are changing

One of the changes is something that will impact the manufacturers amongst you.  After the longest time of CCP saying they cannot make BPO's and BPC's look different as they are functionally the same in the database, they are making them look different!

Dancing in the streets and general mayhem.

The BPC's will have a washed out look apparently, a wonderful change and far too long in coming.

Agents will have their mission roles simplified and the barrier for entry reduced.  So check your favourite agent after the patch to make sure they still have the same job, you may be surprised.

The simplification will help new players more than the established ones as we've learned how to navigate the turbulent agent function waters.

The expectation is the mission hubs will disperse somewhat, also the expectation is this will concentrate even more mission runners around the good systems, typically 0.5 security status.  My money is on a general dispersion, with more good mission spots developing but less active pilots at each spot.

We shall see.

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