Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Date It All Changes

Or not.

June 21st 2011 is the expected release date for the Captains Quarters to the live server.

Assuming it actually releases on that date of course.

Obviously the Captains Quarters doesn't add much to the game as it stands but it's a first step on the journey towards the space simulator that CCP craves.

Already the forums have turned the whining to eleven as poster after poster laments how their lowly computer will not run it properly, and they'll leave along with everybody else.

Everybody will not leave, most people who say they are leaving do not in fact leave.  Somewhere down the track they are usually exposed to be the hypocrites they certainly are.

CCP know what hardware the majority of players have, also the Steam service has some good figures on the hardware and software mix.  The Captains Quarters would not be introduced unless the vast majority of current Eve Online citizens could handle the expansion.

Some users will be left behind, this will be sad, but don't let their mindless thrashing distract you from the increasingly interesting path this game is taking.

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