Saturday, May 28, 2011

The New Currency of Eve

The Aurum, which is not a new car released by Toyota, is a soon to be introduced currency in Eve Online.  This will be the micro transaction currency which will have an exchange rate with our good buddy the ISK.

An amount of Aurum is created from a PLEX, which can be created from ISK or bought with real life money.  Then the Aurum is used to purchase the micro transaction items like clothes and other vanity items.

However these items can then be placed on the open market for sale at an ISK amount like anything else for whoever wants to buy it, even if they've never heard of Aurum or PLEX.

Will this introduce the frenzy of hat fanciers that currently exist in Team Fortress 2?

I hope so as viewing some pod pilot strolling down the promenade in their finest, while I imagine some Gilbert and Sullivan, is going to make major veins in the head of those brave forum warriors like Akita T bulge quite dangerously.

Will this change "The Game"?

It shouldn't as this doesn't look like it will, at least at this early stage, effect the internet space ships part of Eve Online as these are just vanity items.  Also the Aurum and ISK currencies have an exchange rate which can be modified should one or the other get out of control.

Essentially this will help Incarna and the addition of a new type of player.

This is probably not something I would be interested in, unless they introduce cats, as cats rule.

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