Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Providence of Patching Penguins

As mentioned in "A Higher Gear" and now from CCP here and here we have the Incursion 1.6 patch being introduced tonight.

Weighing in at about 550Mb it is rather hefty, though as mentioned by CCP this will replace many files so the overall Eve Online folder size should only increase by 10Mb or so.

This is the part which concerns me:

This release introduces the new UI rendering framework CarbonUI into EVE. CarbonUI is an evolution of the existing UI framework, with a completely new rendering layer. The framework natively supports a number of effects and animations for UI elements, and rendering interactable UI onto objects in the 3D scene. This gives the EVE UI designers and UI programmers a range of new possibilities for creating exciting user interfaces in EVE going forward.

As mentioned previously I use Ubuntu linux to run Eve Online much of the time, so these wholesale changes are a potential threat to that operation.  CCP no longer support Linux officially but from the forums some other people use it so we shall see the difference on Wednesday (my time).

No doubt much bitching and whining exists on the official forum about these changes, I'm sure somebody somewhere is having a good old whinge about the sun coming up each morning, but CCP are required to upgrade the old and outdated interface to move forward etc etc etc.

In other news I have finally bought a freighter as I now have a need to move around bulk materials.  Previously the Orca was doing a sterling job but has finally become too small.  So taking the path of form over function the Providence is now proudly slightly bobbing from left to right and down a bit in the hanger.  No freighter on the market could do what I wanted in one trip so that was a wonderful excuse reason to avoid the god ugly Obelisk.

Behold the Providence!

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