Wednesday, May 11, 2011

That's mine! This is mine!! It's all mine!!!

Ownership in Eve Online.

CCP, being omnipotent, have the ultimate power, they give with your subscription and they can take it away on a whim.

However CCP have a disposition for benevolence as this helps retain subscribers, being benevolent is good for business, at least towards the majority.

So outside of this powerful force the users dictate who owns what in New Eden to a large degree.  This ownership can be more easily dictated as we slide towards 0.0 space.

If somebody is in "your" space you can destroy, harass, move them on using various means.

Though they can attempt the same against you.

In high security space it isn't so simple.  I could declare war on a corporation to try and move them on but this costs money and may have unwanted consequences.

The current "fashion" is reporting a person as a bot.

I'm going to admit something here, something shocking, you may not recover from this information that I'm just about to tell you.

Ready?  Good!

Using my second account I sometimes perform missions and mine for minerals.

I know!

I can see the meeting now...

"Hi I'm Second Account"

"Hello Second Account", the room answers.

"I've been clean for 13 days, 12 hours and 7 minutes"

"Good on ya!", says the rooms occupants.

Then we all go out for Gelato.


While missioning, on a mission I've received from an agent, I have had somebody drop into the mission space, and demand I leave my own mission!

A few times mining I've had other miners, either already in the belt, or those who arrive later, demand I leave the belt as it's theirs!

Every time I chuckle and do whatever the hell I want.

Recently while the second account was mining away with occasional input from me to change asteroids or dump the ore local chat starts up with my guy being accused of botting.

Fine, whatever, I don't care, I continue mining.

So a cruiser turns up at the belt in the same corporation as theirs, attacks and dies in the attempt.

That was a good day.

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