Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting up to Speed

So I left the corporation and alliance, the magic had gone to be replaced with inaction and drudgery, a fair percentage of that from me.

I rejoined my own corporation, I was happy to see me again.

Once all my various characters had finished with the equivalent of an intergalactic kegger we got down to business.


Over the coming days, weeks and years I will describe in minute detail what was required to rebuild myself and the corporation around me.

Or not.

I was able to change a few things and bring some order to the chaos.

Happiness reigned once again, all was well.

I have a few hundred people on my contact list for various reasons, so a fairly continuous display of people logging in and out of the game appears in the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Then a long disconnected real life friends name appeared, took me a second to realise what it said.

We chatted for a bit to find out he's once again given up on that MMO whose name shall not be spoken, and come back to Eve Online.


Little did I know this would lead to a stampede of returning old friend players, all hell bent on making me take on a position of responsibility once again.

We even had an honest to god recruit from the in game advert service.

I was stunned!!

One night I was sitting there doing some corporation organisation and then it hit me.

Shit I'm a CEO again!!!

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