Sunday, January 29, 2012

DUST514, SONY and You

Some more game play footage from DUST514 is now available from the Sony Playstation web site here.

Once you manage to swallow the rising bile from the overly gushing and frankly quite bloody annoying presenter a small amount of DUST514 game play is shown alongside other games and news.

A Spring release date is mentioned, so sometime towards the end of June 2012 is expected, as has been for a while.

The action looks fast and frantic which is fantastic as this was my main worry.

I'd almost convinced myself that CCP were going to use the graphics system from the aborted Eve Online Captains Quarters for DUST514, thankfully this short demo once again reminds me this isn't the case.

While I will not be playing DUST514, I look forward to its impact on New Eden in Eve Online and hope that CCP have done a good job with this integration initially, and are not hoping to catch up as the weeks and months drag on after the DUST514 release.

We can only hope.

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