Monday, January 23, 2012

I Made Your Destroyed Ship!

I enjoy the manufacturing part of Eve Online almost as much as the combat.

Figuring out where the profits are, and the forces, both internal and external, that drive them is a great way to while the hours away before the next unconscious break.

"Hi I'm Yosagi and I've been clean for four years."

About four years ago I stopped playing that MMO whose name should not be mentioned in Eve Online discussions.  One thing I did like about "that game" was the item crafting, especially the creators name being attached to the piece.

It would be cool if in Eve Online when I make anything the name and corporation name, at the time, was attached to that item, and then on kill mails we could see who made the items that dropped or were destroyed.

For instance it could say [Hurricane, constructed by Yosagi Yojimbo of PKME Corporation].

Maybe even with the updated graphics all the ships are eventually receiving we could have a "makers mark" on the hull to signify who made the ship.

A more sinister side could also emerge, targeting the manufacturer or his corporation.

Assuming that this system is only applied to ships, upon seeing the same name or corporation upon many vanquished ships, the source could be attacked or at least inconvenienced in some way to try and disrupt the supply chain.

You could even see who was selling to both sides.

As an idea it's certainly one of them.

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