Saturday, January 14, 2012

Incoming Update and Continued Drama

January the 24th brings us the release of the Crucible update version 1.1, details here.

With items like a Neocom you can customise, an option to reduce the pilot tags in local and another reduction in session timers (amongst other updates) it looks like a worthwhile update.

In other news the Goonie juggernaut rolls on, though this time with a twist, I actually saw some real live enemies in local for the first time!

It took me a few seconds to realise what was going on as I looked at local, saw the numbers were high, then had to look again as it suddenly dawned on me some of those pilots were not "blue".

They didn't stay long as "we" started forming a response fleet pretty damn quick but it's a welcome change from endlessly destroying their POS's, TCU's and SBU's with no hint of a defense fleet, at least not in my time zone.

Talking about drama, and this next one has heaps of it, the long drawn out saga that is EBANK continues with some more dividends being paid out with the obligatory trolling by some members of the forum community that don't know when to let a subject die.  Though now I guess I'm one of those also, ahh well.

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